War for the Holidays

Celebrate Christmas with the Gregsons – RETURNS CHRISTMAS 2017


  • Christmas play
  • Only 20 audience members per show
  • Includes a holiday cocktail and baked treat
  • See inside the beautiful and historic Roedde House Museum
  • Choose to come in period Victorian or Edwardian dress and get into the spirit of the occasion
  • Your chance to experience an authentic 1917 Christmas party…but it’s not what you might expect

Quick Facts

  • Price: $39 + GST
  • Show duration: 1 hour
  • Venue: The Historic Roedde House Museum – 1415 Barclay Street
  • Times: TBD

A Christmas play

Last Christmas War For The Holidays delighted audiences with its tale of family drama set in WWI Vancouver. We’re taking a break in 2016, but plans are afoot to bring the Gregson Family back to life for Christmas 2017. The play will once again be held in the beautiful Roedde House Museum, a fully furnished and authentic Edwardian house, situated in Vancouver’s historic West End.

So we hope to see you next Christmas at the Gregsons’ annual Christmas party, to indulge in a holiday cocktail, and to dig into a helping of 1917 family intrigue. Whether you’re a returning guest, or a first time visitor to the Gregson home, this will be a holiday party you won’t forget…

The Gregsons in 1917

Three years after it began, war is still raging in Europe and our Canadian soldiers are still overseas. Two years ago it was discovered that Michael, the Gregsons’ beloved son, went missing in mysterious circumstances while fighting in France. Rumours of desertion still shroud his disappearance. Has he been found? And is he dead or alive?

Has daughter and budding Suffragette Gretchen defied her parents’ wishes and gone to study law in Montreal? And what of Chang, the Chinese Houseboy? Have his dreams of marriage and prosperity come to pass?

Where has the year taken the Gregson family and who will return to the holiday party this year? Your invitation awaits and there’s only one way to find out…

The Roedde House Museum