Journey into the macabre

Join your Forbidden Vancouver storyteller on an adventure through our city’s earliest and most gruesome history. On the Lost Souls of Gastown you are transported back to the 1800s when Vancouver was a violent frontier town. Only a few thousand inhabitants hustled to survive in the Wild West of Canada. Do not expect a conventional walking tour or a ghost tour, this experience is gothic theatre.

On the Tour

You will hear the tale of a terrible and forgotten plague. A fire that ate up Gastown in minutes while people sprinted for their lives down Water Street. A Klondike goldrush beauty who had her heart-broken and pocket-book looted by a cold-blooded theatre magnate. The ghost of the city’s first madam and her curious Gastown abode. And you will find out who really killed John Bray…Vancouver’s most notorious unsolved murder.

Gassy Jack

Former sailor, gold miner and ferry captain Gassy Jack founded this city by building a saloon in a day. A plank of wood and two barrels for a bar. We know what happened to him, but what about his wives and his son?

“Klondike Kate” Rockwell

Gold rush damsel who kept the miners happy with her ‘flame dance’. Broke hearts from Oregon to Alaska, until one famous Vancouverite beat her at her own game.

John Bray

Hopeful Klondike gold prospector who was brutally murdered in Gastown. Took three bullets in the head and managed to last two weeks before dropping dead. They say his ghost still walks Water Street. But who killed him??

VPL Photo 508 - First Vancouver City council Meeting After the Fire 1886 H. T. Devine

What will I see?

Visit the city’s longest running hotel and its first shopping arcade. See Vancouver before, and after, the Great Fire. Catch the oldest building on Vancouver’s oldest street. Witness the great folly of Gastown and visit the sites of its first building, first bawdy house and first fire station. No other experience in Vancouver will take you closer to the city’s earliest and darkest history and places.