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Looking for a fun corporate event in Vancouver? Want to get out and explore the city? Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours is the perfect choice for your next corporate event or social!

Our walking tours are highly interactive, packed with incredible Vancouver history, and will get your team moving, thinking, and laughing! Plus, with Covid 19 in mind, our walking tours take place completely outside and we accommodate social distancing.

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On our Forbidden Vancouver Tour you’ll explore prohibition-era Gastown, a time of bootlegging, rum-running, and speakeasies. You’ll hear stories of saloons, temperance campaigners, corruption, smugglers, riots, crooked prohibition commissioner Walter Findlay, and mob kingpin Joe Celona. It’s a walk into Vancouver of the 1910s and 1920s, one of our city’s most fascinating periods. And what better way to end your company social or corporate event, than in Gastown…surrounded by some of the city’s best restaurants and bars?

On our Dark Secrets of Stanley Park Tour you’ll discover a whole side of the park and its history that you never knew existed. Contrary to popular myth, the park is not some untouched rainforest. The land was home to local Salish communities for thousands of years, until their forced eviction at the hands of settlers in the 1880s. You’ll find out how the park was created as part of one of the murkiest real estate deals in the city’s history, and how since then it’s been host to everything from smallpox cemeteries to remarkable public art work to shocking true crimes. Oh and you’ll hear the incredible story of Deadman’s Island! Your team will never see the park the same way again.

On our Really Gay History Tour you’ll explore the city’s vibrant West End with storyteller and tour creator Glenn Tkach. Vancouver has played a major role in North America in the struggle for acceptance of LGBTQ2+ people. You’ll hear tales of gay struggle at the United Church, drag kings, the myth of Patient Zero, our city’s very first PRIDE parade, bookstore bombings, Jim Deva Plaza, Vancouver’s secret gay village, and the transgender activist who blew the whistle on the biggest crime in Vancouver history. The experience is the perfect complement to your company’s diversity training or program. And where better than the West End for your team to enjoy a post tour cocktail or meal?


The cost is $29 per person plus gratuity and fees/taxes. Note we require a minimum of 9 people, or the equivalent cost.

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