Meet The Team: Glenn Tkach


Storyteller and Creator of the Really Gay History Tour for Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours

We’re very lucky to have Glenn (he/him), creator of the Really Gay History Tour, on board at Forbidden Vancouver. Glenn joined us in 2017 after reading our job posting. “The job posting didn’t say “tour guide.” It said “storyteller.” This immediately caught my attention. As I read further into the job description, and the emphasis it placed on the art of storytelling, I knew this was the right company for me,” remembers Glenn.

Before long Glenn had approached company founder Will about launching a queer history tour, and after he poured many months into research and interviews, the Really Gay History Tour was born!

Glenn has a background in theatre, specialising in storytelling, mime, and physical theatre. He’s chosen to make storytelling his full-time gig, along with his project the Pink Hat. He loves exploring the connections between the past and present. When asked what his most memorable experience on a tour was, Glenn replied, “I’ll never forget the time a young woman burst into tears and fell into my arms crying – so moved to hear a history she’d never heard before, and about the sacrifices made by those who came before.”

Join Glenn on his Really Gay History Tour, or as he guides the Forbidden Vancouver, Monumental Scandals, and Dark Secrets of Stanley Park Tours.

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