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The Province – Secrets of the Penthouse

Province reporter Stuart Derdeyn came to check out Forbidden Vancouver’s special event Secrets of the Penthouse in April 2013. And so in May we were in the The Province!

Derdeyn focused on both the details of the event, as well as the club’s survival throughout the years.

Back in the 50s and 60s, the Penthouse was a favourite night spot for Rat Packers like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr, as well as many other musicians and performers of the day. Today, the Penthouse is a much loved historic Vancouver landmark, but just two years ago it suffered a terrible fire which left the club’s future uncertain.

“On November 30th, 2011 we had a fire that left us wondering if we were just going to pack it in or not. We had begun the process of digging in our heels and coming back but this meant we had to decide to rebuild or retire – very emotional time.” – Danny Fillipone (club owner)

Thankfully they decided to rebuild, and Danny mentioned two factors that helped bring the Penthouse Nightclub back to life:

“With (Aaron Chapman’s book Liquor, Lust, and the Law: The Story of Vancouver’s Legendary Penthouse Nightclub) and then Forbidden Vancouver coming along with the tours, we really came back.”

Thanks to The Province for covering us. So why not come celebrate at the Penthouse with Forbidden Vancouver at Secrets of the Penthouse? Be sure to buy your tickets early. This event sells out!


Secrets of the Penthouse in the Province