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BBC Travel Online – Secrets of the Penthouse

Vancouverite and writer for BBC Travel, John Lee, came on our Secrets of the Penthouse special event. And he wrote a fantastic article about it on BBC Travel!

Lee describes Secrets of the Penthouse as a “racy new tour” that shines a light on the not-too-distant past by taking visitors behind the curtain at the Penthouse.

Lee also got an interview with Aaron Chapman, the author of Liquor, Lust, and the Law – the history of the legendary Penthouse Nightclub by Arsenal Pulp Press. He asked Aaron about the popularity of our Secrets of the Penthouse event, who responded:

“There’s an appetite for Vancouver heritage right now and I think it’s because the city is changing before our eyes.”

We couldn’t agree more. The Penthouse is a remarkable holdout against the relentless development of downtown Vancouver, which has seen so many theatres and live music venues close over the years.

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