Make lasting memories with a Forbidden Vancouver walking tour gift certificate! Give your friends and family a unique experience and immerse them in the stories of Vancouver’s secret past. From the cobblestone streets of moonlit Gastown to the back alleyways of prohibition era Vancouver, to the outrageous history of Vancouver’s “gaybourhood,” to the scandalous foundations of the downtown core, our expertly guided walking tours offer something enticing for everyone.


Choose from any of our below walking tours when redeeming your gift certificate.
Your gift certificate does not have an expiry. Not valid for special events.


Explore Vancouver’s most famous heritage buildings – and their stories of murder, jealousy, sin and irresistible glamour. You’ll enjoy scrumptious delicacies at the city’s finest bakeries and chocolatiers and a private viewing inside the Art Deco masterpiece, the Marine Building.


Follow the lamplight of your guide into Vancouver’s earliest and most gruesome history. You’ll step inside a world of murder, revenge, and true grit in a dramatic retelling of Victorian Gastown’s earliest stories. Hear tales of deadly fire, smallpox, and more in this unique performance-theatre experience.


This ain’t where they take you on the tour buses! Explore Vancouver’s dirtiest Prohibition-era secrets. From mobsters and rum-runners to rioters and crooked politicians, this historical walking tour winds through Gastown’s most historic streets and alleyways – and most illicit stories.


Celebrate love with a raucous chronicle of Vancouver’s LGBTQ2+ community on a stroll through the vibrant and historic Davie Street Village.


Unearth the sinister stories and long-lost secrets hidden amidst the pretty gardens, seaside playgrounds, and old-growth forests of Stanley Park.


How do I receive the gift certificate?

Your gift certificate will be emailed to the address you include during checkout (either the recipient’s email address or your email address). This is a virtual gift certificate and can be used to book online. There is no physical copy of the gift certificate.

You’re welcome to print out the gift certificate to gift it physically.

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If I buy a gift certificate now, how long is it valid for?

Our gift certificates do not expire and can be used any time.

What tours are gift certificates valid for?

Your gift certificate recipient can choose from five walking tours: The Lost Souls of Gastown Tour, The Forbidden Vancouver Tour, The Hidden History & Sweet Treats Tour, The Really Gay History Tour, or The Dark Secrets of Stanley Park Tour.

Gift Certificates are not valid for Special Events including the Secrets of the Penthouse, Backstage at the Commodore, and The Last Gang in Town.

If you received a gift certificate a part of a giveaway or donation, it’s not valid for the Hidden History & Sweet Treats Tour.

What if there's a value left on the gift certificate after my recipient books their tour?

Any leftover value on a gift certificate purchased in 2023 is valid towards another purchase until December 31st, 2024.

What if they don't have enough money on the gift certificate to purchase the tickets they want?

If there’s not enough value on the gift certificate for the booking, they can pay the difference upon checkout.

Can I buy for multiple recipients in one transaction?

Yes you can! After entering the recipient’s email address and your information, there’s a button to “Add Another Gift”.