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Vancouver Vantage features our Granville Street Tour

Vancouver Vantage came on The Granville Street Reveal in June 2013! You can read the full article here.

Vancouver Vantage experiences the Granville Street Reveal


Vancouver Vantage are deep into exploring and celebrating Vancouver culture and community. Our walking tour with them ventured from Cathedral Sq on Dunsmuir St to Granville St, and then all the way up to Nelson St. Along the way the tour took in the Hotel Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom, Vogue Theatre and Penthouse Nightclub. It finished with a rather risque stop inside the Movieland Arcade – home to some of the oldest – and most salacious – projector booths in the world!

They blog frequently on arts, culture, theatre, walking tours, history and generally what to do in Vancouver. Definitely worth a read if you are looking for things to do in the city!