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Kraft Bier in the Georgia Straight

On May 27, 2014, the Georgia Straight covered our murder-mystery-beer-drinking-extravaganza, Who Killed Kraft Bier?

The event ran for a single day on June 1, and hosted 80 detectives on an intrepid adventure around historic Mount Pleasant. Along the way they sampled fine craft brews from bars and breweries. Of course, Mount Pleasant used to be known as Brewery Creek way back in the 1880s and ’90s. The creek still runs beneath streets today and after many many years, the breweries are finally returning.

Suspects in the case included Emil Sick, Shue Moy and Pat La Belle – all real-life characters from Vancouver’s past brought to life by actors Mark Turpin, Chris Lam and Tiffany Anderson.

And what was the inspiration for the event? Forbidden Vancouver founder Will Woods decided it was time to fuse together the coolest things he could think of: history, craft beer, and a murder mystery. What could be more fun that that?!

The Georgia Straight

The Georgia Straight is truly a legendary Vancouver newspaper. Going back nearly 50 years it’s Canada’s most read weekly newspaper!

Who Killed Kraft Bier in the Georgua Straight